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“Maximize Your Reimbursement…Minimize Your Hassle!”

Accurate Medical Billing Services For Your Practice

We provide comprehensive services to healthcare organizations, including consulting, billing, credentialing, and staff training, to help you optimize your operations and improve patient outcomes.

Let Us Help You Avoid These Common Frustrations

Time Consuming & Complex

The billing and credentialing processes can be lengthy and intricate, requiring significant time and resources that take away from patient care.

Lack of Expertise & Resources

Medical practices may not have the necessary expertise or resources to handle billing and credentialing effectively, leading to errors, delays, and missed revenue opportunities. Outsourcing to a medical billing service can help alleviate this burden and ensure compliance while freeing up time and resources for patient care.

Reimbursement Issues

Insurance companies may deny or delay reimbursement claims, leading to financial losses and administrative headaches for medical practices.

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About Acadiana Private Practice

Maximize Your Reimbursement...
Minimize Your Hassle!

At our medical billing company, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient billing services to healthcare organizations of all sizes. With our experienced team and cutting-edge technology, we strive to maximize reimbursements, minimize denials, and improve overall revenue cycle management for our clients.


Even if you don’t want to outsource your entire billing and just need a go to person for in office problems I can help you with best practices.


Many facets of your billing processes can be outsourced to our specialists.


Government, commercial and private billing.


Training can be conducted for your staff if you prefer to keep services in-house.

How We Work

A Comprehensive Billing Service For Your Practice

It’s easy to get started!  
Just follow these simple steps:

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Let's Talk About the Wellness of Your Billing

Outsourcing medical billing to a reputable and experienced billing company can be an effective strategy to improve profits for healthcare practices. 

By leveraging the expertise and resources of a specialized team, practices can reduce errors, increase efficiency, and optimize revenue cycle management. This can lead to higher collections, lower denial rates, and improved cash flow, ultimately resulting in higher profits for the practice.

6% Higher Net Collections

4.4% Decrease in Claim Denials

87% Reported Positive ROI in First Year

71% Reported Improved Accuracy of Billing & Coding

Let's Talk About the Wellness of Your Billing


What Clients Say About Us

Hailey White Receptionist

Training with Ashley was a superb experience! She's an excellent teacher in both her hands-on demonstration and verbal instructions, being very thorough to ensure that whoever she's teaching truly understands the information given. Even after our training sessions, Ashley proved to be a great resource, always open and willing to answer any questions about anything I encountered while practicing in the field. She's well-versed in all things pertaining to the world of medical insurance and billing, and is clearly committed to using that knowledge to further others along in their respected journeys. I'm grateful to Ashley for her expertise and personally recommend her services from my first-hand training with her!

Jennifer Smith Manager & Surgery Coder

Ashley is very reliable and knowledgeable . She’s extremely thorough and I trust her and her work to be the best possible. It was a “no brainer” that I would recommend her for my position when I retired in July 2022.” Jennifer Smith, former Manager and surgery coder for Southern Urology.

Angie Bernard Billing Specialist

I have worked with Ashley Hill for the past 6 years. She is very knowledgeable and driven to get things done. She works very hard at any task given to her. She is always willing to help others when needed. She has a great personality and is always smiling. She knows how to handle problems that come up and takes the lead to get them resolved.

Marc D'Aunoy Owner & Licensed Professional Counselor

Ashley is a dedicated and hard working billing professional that is committed to getting the job done in a timely and efficient manner for her clients. She is honest, hardworking and will go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations. Most of all, I trust her with our money!

Micki Bacque Office Manager

Ashley is exceptional! She is an expert in her field and is tenacious in her efforts to get results. I trust her implicitly and recommend her without reservation. She is the absolute best coding professional I have ever worked with as the manager of our medical practice in my 30 plus years. I also have the highest regard for her integrity and her as an individual. She is truly the best!